Friday, May 4, 2018

~ Saint Magick - Saint Florian ~

CANDLE COLOR: Red or Orange
LEGEND: Third century officer in Roman army stationed in modern Austria. Military administrator of the town of Noricum, and a closet Christian. Said to have stopped a town from burning by throwing a single bucket of water on the blaze, and thus his association with firefighters and those who protect us from fire, including chimney sweeps. When ordered to execute a group of Christians during the persecutions of Diocletian, he refused, and professed his own faith to which he was scourged, flayed alive, a stone tied to his neck, and dumped into a river; body later retreived by Christians and buried at an Augustinian monastery.
PEITION SAINT FLORIAN: to protect the house from fire, protection when in danger and for help in emergancies
PATRONAGE: against battles; against fire; Austria; barrel-makers; brewers; chimney sweeps; coopers; drowning; fire prevention; firefighters; floods; harvests; Linz, Austrial Poland; soap-boilers
REPRESENTATION: bearded warrior with a lance and tub; boy with a millstone; classical warrior leaning on a millstone, pouring water on a fire; man being beaten; man lying dead on a millstone guarded by an eagle; man on a journey with a hat and staff; man thrown into a river with a millstone around his neck; man with a palm in his hand and a burning torch under his feet; man with a sword; young man, sometimes in armor, sometimes unarmed, pouring water from a tub on a burning church
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